We were in Fort McMurray Long Before Leonardo Dicaprio

Two years of research, 60 days of filming and thousands of hours of development to produce Fort McMoney; a documentary game about the third largest oil reserve in the world – Fort McMurray – in which the players’ ultimate goal is to make their worldview triumph. The process of creating Fort McMoney took epic proportions – everything was to be invented, a story was to be completely “gamified”, a city’s virtual avatar was to be imagined.

In 2013, Fort McMoney launched in three languages and was reached by more than 30,000 players from around the world. The projects Producer, Raphaƫlle Huysmans talks about the hits and misses of the project, the production process, collaboration between teams and co-producers and the development strategy in this Conference presentation.


WE WERE IN FORT MCMURRAY LONG BEFORE LEONARDO DICAPRIO – RaphaĆ«lle Huysmans, TOXA from Power to the Pixel on Vimeo.

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