Storytelling V: The Audience Strikes Back

The 6th Cross-Media Forum kicked off with a bang this year with keynote speaker Sean Stewart of Fourth Wall Studios. The founder and lead writer of the Emmy award-winning company held a mirror up to the audience in his talk Storytelling V: The Audience Strikes Back! Stewart walked us through storytelling’s five key moments from the classical bard to the ultra-modern crowdsourced bard, the audience. Watch it unfold here…

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3 Responses to “Storytelling V: The Audience Strikes Back”

  1. Richard P says:

    Curiously, Mr Stewart’s argument points to video games and the gaming console as the fifth stage of Storytelling. It’s not yet clear whether social media represent the sixth. It would seem – from what Mr Stewart says – their use is primarily in adding value (in terms of audience investment) to works created by ‘ancient’ means (novels, movies, even theatre).

    Here’s a bundle of questions though. All those additional ‘Harry Potter’ stories, is anyone actually reading them?

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