Whatever you do, play the game

Gamify aims to boost engagement and loyalty for any online application

By Rosie Lavan

Gamify applies the principles and mechanics of gaming to a whole range of web applications, to engage and sustain communities of users.

The service both is and does: it takes its name from the verb “to gamify”, coined by its founders to describe its offering. At the heart of Gamify is the Gamification Platform, the “game engine for the World and the Web” and the means by which users can incorporate gaming features into their own websites, mobile or other applications.

Gamify clients supply information about the actions by users of their application – a website, for example – and the Gamification process begins.

Gamify Features are designed to turn users into players

The premise is that by turning users into players, it is easier to generate and maintain interest and loyalty to a service. Gamify Features allow the installation of various game mechanics with a range of easy-to-embed features that include levels, which allow “players to show their status and seniority in a community”; reward programs, offering anything from virtual points to real-life prizes and acting as an incentive for users to return to a site; the “very simple but incredibly effective” progress bar, motivating users with instant feedback; and Facebook and Twitter integration. A community of Gamify Experts is on hand for advice.

Key attributes of the service are that it is real-time, offering instant feedback on user behaviour; scalable, with the option of using white label modules or bringing in Gamify Features; and expandable, with a range of rewards, widgets and games available from the Gamify site.

Also underway is The Gamification Encyclopedia, a collaborative wiki featuring contributions from top game designers, to compile best patterns and practice, and to boost and renew the knowledge firing the Gamify Platform.

San Francisco-based Gamify was founded by Nathan Lands and Jean-René Bédard, who describe themselves as hustler and hacker respectively. Their mission is clear: “Gamify is on an EPIC quest to gamify the world, making it a more fun and rewarding place to live in.”

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