Babies, buns and buzzers

Mike Monello is a vocal force in the world of transmedia storytelling. Prior to co-founding Campfire in New York, he was one of the co-creators of The Blair Witch Project, a film that changed the way marketers approached the Internet.

Mike was one of the keynote speakers at Power to the Pixel’s recent Cross-Media Forum, held in association with the 54th BFI London Film Festival. Here he simplifies the essence of transmedia storytelling by looking back at some inspiring and funny examples from the last century of experiential entertainment.

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  1. [...] second keynote was delivered by Campfire Media’s Mike Monello with the alliterative title Babies, Buns and Buzzers, a historical look at the last century of experiential entertainment told through the framework of [...]

  2. [...] seconde keynote a été faite par Mike Monello de Campfire Media  avec le titre allitératif :  Babies, Buns and Buzzers, un regard historique sur le dernier siècle d’expériences de divertissement  racontées à [...]

  3. Great presentation by Mike, boy, does he know how to tell a great story. The five guides to Transmedia storytelling:

    1. Design for communal experiences
    2. Make it tangible
    3. Foster discovery
    4. Make it personal
    5. Build a world larger than your characters

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